New Book - All The Land To Hold Us

All The Land To Hold UsA strange and powerful landscape summons strange and powerful happenings

Rick Bass brings a lyrical lushness to the harsh backdrop of West Texas in his masterfully crafted fourth novel. All the Land to Hold Us is a sweeping tale of those who live on the desert’s edge, where riches—precious artifacts, oil, water, love—can all be found and lost again in an instant.


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Fiber by Rick BassFiber is a story about the ravages of activism and the healing properties of art. It is a story about last chances, about crafting solutions from the wreckage of a devastated place, and about the high cost, emotionally and physically, of hope in the presence of despair. Writing from the Yaak Valley of northwestern Montana, the wildest valley in the Lower 48, Rick Bass brilliantly portrays the plight of the artist deeply embedded in a place he loves. The author asks how a writer survives amidst the destruction of the natural world around him, if, like Bass, the writer must struggle passionately to protect a place like the Yaak from further damage. Fiber is graceful, startling, and gripping work by one of the most significant voices in contemporary fiction and nature writing. (From the book jacket)


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The New Wolves - Rick BassThe New Wolves is Rick Bass’s passionate and eloquent account of the current reintroduction of the Mexican wolf to the American Southwest. With the literary talent and naturalist’s sensibility he brought to his highly praised 1992 account of a family of wolves in Montana, The Ninemile Wolves, Rick Bass examines the circumstances of the Mexican wolves’ arrival: the exhausted, overgrazed soil of the land, the behavior and requirements of wolves, and the concerns of ranchers, biologists, and environmentalists. He chronicles these new wolves’ first few months of freedom: their triumphant desire to survive as well as the unfortunate and sometimes deadly confrontations with the unexpected.

“The New Wolves is an enthralling and brilliant book on the reintroduction of wolves in the American Southwest…written out of the activist lineage of Edward Abbey and Douglas Peacock, it is especially passionate but with the novelist’s eye for vivid details.”—Jim Harrison
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Why I Came West - Rick BassIn this searching memoir, Rick Bass describes how he first fell in love with the West—as a landscape, an idea, and a way of life. Bass grew up in the suburban sprawl of Houston, attended college in Utah, and spent eight years working as a geologist in Mississippi before packing up and heading west in pursuit of something visceral and dramatic. He found it in the remote Yaak Valley of northwestern Montana, where despite extensive logging not a single species has gone extinct since the last Ice Age.



“This illuminating story of place and how it can transform a person is from one of the West’s most prolific and talented writers.”—Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“A must-read for any environmental activist.”--Oregonian
“A heartbreaking wake-up call…Bass has done us all the favor of refusing to disengage.”—Washington Post Book World


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Colter: The True Story of the Best Dog I Ever HadColter was the runt of the litter, and Rick Bass took him only because nobody else would. Soon, though, Bass realized he had a raging genius on his hands, and he raided his daughters’ college fund to send Colter to the best schools. Colter could be a champion, Bass was told, but he’d have to be broken, slowed down. Bass “could no more imagine a slowing-down Colter than a slow-motion bolt of lightning in the sky,” and instead of breaking Colter, he followed him into new territory, an unexpected land where he felt more alive, more intimately connected to the world, than he’d ever felt before.

In the course of telling us Colter’s story, Rick Bass also tells us of his childhood fascination with snapping turtles and dirt, and of the other animals—including people—that have shaped his life.

Colter is an interspecies love story that vividly captures the relationship between humans and dogs. Like all of Bass’s work, it is passionate, poetic, and original.

“Colter is one of the best books I’ve ever read about dogs or hunting. It is told in a voice that speaks about the beauty of the natural world and one man’s love for it. It is heartbreaking yet uplifting, and Rick Bass only gets better and better.”—Larry Brown
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In My Home There Is No More SorrowRick Bass traveled to Rwanda with his youngest daughter, and the author Terry Tempest Williams, roaming from the bustle of Kigali to the volcanic preserves of the last few mountain gorillas. Now, in his thirtieth book, he offers an extraordinary portrait of what can be found in that country today—heartbreaking evidence of the genocide that occurred a generation ago, breathtaking natural beauty, and young people who have emerged from unimaginable tragedy with a blazingly optimistic spirit and a profound artistic voice. In My Home There is No More Sorrow is an enchanting exploration of history and human nature from one of our greatest essayists.

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